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    "Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food"        

- Hippocrates


Scientific evidence increasingly supports the view that the foods we eat throughout our lives have an important impact on our health.   Many of today’s health issues and serious diseases are the result of long-term dietary deficiencies and nutritional imbalances. 


Fortunately, it is often possible to halt or reverse the many chronic conditions that are so closely related to diet.  Foods have the capacity not only to nourish us physically and emotionally, they also provide the nutrients that can allow the body to come back into balance and heal itself.


Naturopathic nutrition takes into account the whole person and addresses the underlying causes of ill health.  It focuses on the healing power of nature, not only to improve health and vitality, but also to protect against modern-day illnesses like cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

"Jane, you've clearly been working miracles. Someone commented today on how well I look! I feel better and my skin is great. The aches are still lingering but aren't as bad as they were and most days I get by without pain killers."  LT

"I slept like a log last night and am feeling happier.  You are always so thorough and professional.  It has helped me enormously."  FH

"I am getting on great!  I wanted to call you today to thank you because I think your advice has made a massive difference."  KH

"Thank you so much for a great session yesterday, you covered so much and went into so much depth - it was amazing."  LR


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