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Jane has always had a keen interest in nutrition and its link with health and vitality.  But it was her experiences of her own health issues that convinced her of the healing power of food and its potential not only to prevent, but also to reverse disease:


“Around 15 years ago I was diagnosed with a potentially serious auto-immune disease, discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE), where the body attacks its own healthy tissue. 


“The main symptom was an itchy, scaly rash that began on my arm and gradually spread to my chest, neck and face.  The consultant prescribed powerful drugs and advised me that it would be necessary to undergo regular blood tests to help ensure the medications weren't damaging my kidneys.


“All my instincts were telling me that this didn’t sound good, so I declined the drugs and told the doctors that I would be seeking an alternative, more natural way to deal with my condition.


“I then embarked on a fascinating journey of healing, looking for the cause of the illness and exploring natural ways to restore my health, mostly through changes to my diet and lifestyle. Within four months the rash had almost disappeared and it took another few months before it cleared up completely. In the years since, there has been no sign of any DLE. 


"I am extremely pleased and grateful to be so well today, and to have avoided both the short, and potential long-term effects of the medication.”


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